About Me

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I'm David Eriksson, and I have an obsession for movement.

I currently live in Sweden, but I'd rather say I'm a citizen of the world. I do not like compartmentalization. Swedish, British, American..? We're all human beings living on the planet Tellus, no? We so often forget we are all human first, why this need to seperate everything? 

I never understood why people have this need to label everything... "I'm a vegan", "I'm a Crossfitter" or "I'm a democrat".. It gets even worse when we begin defining ourself in opposition to others. We are all one, we are all way more similar than different.

My mission is to improve myself, to become the best ME I can. The tools I utilize to accomplish this is irrelevant; I will use whatever works.
This is why I love movement; I'm not limited to one thing. It's pragmatic, I can pick & choose what I enjoy & benefit from it without ever having to define myself as anything other than a human being.

This mindset creates an immense curiosity for exploration. I want to learn & grow, and I'm constantly searching for tools to do so.

I also love teaching. My vision is to help people along their journey by connecting with new people & sharing my experiences in order to grow together