On Training

My ultimate goal is complete self-reliance. That means never being dependent on anything or anyone other than yourself. It means being in control with yourself, knowing what you can & can not do. It means never being afraid to try something new, or to be limited by your body or your mind. 

My training reflects this. I don’t train to get better at a discipline (like Crossfit or Football), to "get stronger, or even to "be the best". My mission is beyond that. I will use whatever discipline & approach which takes me towards my goal of self-reliance, wether that means Boxing, Ballet, Synchronized Swimming or Skiing. I refuse to put myself in a box, limiting my progress & development.

I see it as a great shame when people compartmentalize training & movement. Let's think about it for a second; it’s all way more similar than different. Boxing is way more similar to dance than it's different, for example. Let’s not limit ourself to one thing, and let’s stop defining ourself in opposition to others. 

Let’s explore & grow. Together. We are all human beings, let’s not forget that.

On Teaching

I believe that there’s no one way of coaching. A teacher's job is to constantly tailor & adapt to the student. Always adjusting depending on the students personality, body-type, current level, social situation, age and so on.. 

Individualization & communication is key.

I believe that, for a successful relationship between a teacher & student to be made, the teacher must have his "skin in the game". This is a term used by Nassim Taleb. In short, it means that if the student looses anything (money, time, effort etc), the teacher should lose an equal (or greater) amount. The will to become better must be within both parties at all times. If the teacher stops looking to improve, it becomes impossible for him/her to inspire growth in the student. The teacher should always have faith in the student & empower self-expression.

Bruce Lee puts it best: "A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself. A good teacher, therefore, studies each student individually and encourages the student to explore himself, both internally and externally, until, ultimately, the student is integrated with his being."

A good teacher must:

  • Practice what he preaches.
  • Have his "skin in the game".
  • Be able to show results, from himself & his students.
  • Constantly adapt to the student.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Encourage self-expression.